Pipistrel Aircraft Ireland Opens a New Online Tool Store

In March we launched an eCommerce store selingl a huge range of tools including ARC Welder  , Plasma Cutters and a huge range of tools that we keep in stock for next day delivery across Ireland.

. We are the factory appointed distributors for the NASA/Boeing award winning Pipistrel  Aircraft in Ireland. Our aircraft can be factory built, and flown as a microlight or if kit built can flown either as a microlight or as a group A. We have a full range of aircraft, the Sinus motor glider, the Virus touring motor glider,  the Short Wing fast cruiser and the Taurus self launching glider to cover the requirements of recreational or sports aircraft pilot. It is possible to fly them with a PPL(M), microlight license or a PPL(A) Group A license depending on which category you register them in and what license you have.

  • Motor Glider
  • 29:1 Glide Ratio
  • 100-110 Knot Cruise
  • 10-11 Litres of Mogas/Hour
More on the Pipistrel Sinus
  • Fast 135 knot Cruise
  • Very Responsive
  • 17:1 Glide Ratio
  • 16 Litres of Mogas/Hour
More on the Pipistrel Short Wing
  • Touring Motor Glider
  • 24:1 Glide Ratio
  • 120 Cruise
  • 14 Litres of Mogas/Hour
More on the Pipistrel Virus
  • Self Launching Glider
  • Side by Side Seating
  • 41:1 Glide Ratio
  • Stall 34 Knots
More on the Pipistrel Taurus

General Aircraft Overview

The Sinus motor glider has fantastic gliding performance and still has ability to out fly most other microlights and airplanes in it's class. In the middle we have the Virus a touring motor glider that can cruise at 120 knots on 12 l/hr and still has a very respectable glide ratio. At the faster end of the spectrum we have the Virus Short Wing, also known as the Pipistrel  SWing, which is happy cruising at 135 knots on 16 l/hr and has unprecedented performance. The Taurus is an excellent self launching glider giving a performance that is the envy of other manufacturers with it's 41:1 glide ratio. It can be flown in the microlight category. Remember all these aircraft run on mogas (petrol) and sometimes on nothing at all.

Purchasing a Pipistrel Aircraft

Please look through our website and contact us with any queries. If you have an interest in purchasing an aircraft or microlight please call me, Fergus, on 087 805 1400. I would love to hear from you. Get a  current copy of the price lists here.





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