Microlight License ( PPL M )

In order to gain a Irish Microlight License you must train at a Irish Aviation Authority approved Registered Training Facility ( RTF ). The initial step is normally to take a trial flight with a qualified flying instructor. Once you are happy you want to continue you will join the club or school as a student member. There are two parts to the training, ground school and flight training.

Ground School

Through your Flight Training Organization you will receive your ground school training course in airframe and engine technical knowledge, aircraft performance and ‘weight and balance’, meteorology (weather), navigation theory and flight planning, air law and radio communications. There is a bit to be learned in these courses, but they are normally done over a couple of months and you will always find that instructors and other members will give you all the support you need.

Once your CFI ( chief flying instructor ) is happy that you are ready for the test you can can apply to sit the examination. The IAA normally set these exams in Dublin. Your successful results stay valid for two years, during which time you must take your practical flight test or you have to resit the ground exams again.

Flight Training

You will complete a minimum of 30 hours of flight training as a pilot in microlight aeroplanes. There is a minimum requirement of 15 hours dual and 10 hours solo. The other 5 hours can be either solo or dual. Of the dual hours at least 5 must be solo cross country. Within this there must be at least one flight of more than 90 minutes at cruise speed during which you must make at least one stop at a different airfield that the one you took off from.

Once again when your CFI is happy that you are ready you can apply for your flight test. To do your flight test you must have passed you ground school exams some time in the last 2 years on the day of you flight test. It is not based on the day you apply for the test. Don't fall foul of this rule!

Medical & Age 

Before you go solo you must have passed a  Class 1 or Class 2 medical exam and have applied and received a Student Pilot License ( SPL ) from the IAA . Normally it would be a class 2 medical that you will obtain and can be completed from an approved list of doctors around the country.

To start your training you must be least 15 years of age and 16 years to go solo. To have a full PPL (M) you must be at least 17. It does appear from this that you could sit your ground exams at age 15 or 16, do your flight test at 16 and receive your license on you 17 birthday. 

Foreign License Conversion

It is possible to obtain a Irish microlight license on the basis of having a foreign license. You do not have to had in your foreign license in exchange. Contact the NMAI for further information.

Adding a microlight (M) rating to your Private pilots license PPL (A)

You can apply for a microlight rating to be attached to you Group A PPL license to the Irish Aviation Authority. There is a requirement that you have up to 5 hours instruction in a microlight aircraft and a CFI microlights can conduct the flight test. I believe it is about 1 1/2 hours in length. No additional ground tests are required.





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