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The Pipistrel Sinus microlight motor glider combines a true sense of a motor glider with unprecedented efficiency during powered and long-range cruise flight. With the Pipistrel Sinus motor glider you can take-off and land on very short runways, fly long distance cross-country and have fun gliding... all in the same aircraft! We operate out of a 280m without any difficulty what so ever. The shortest field I have been into is Liam Flannery's 170m strip in Mountshannon, Co Clare. If you build the Sinus as a kit it can flown with a microlightlight license or group A pilots license depending on weather you build it under National Microlight Association of Ireland (NMAI) or Irish Light Aircraft Society (ILAS). Time flown under ILAS counts to your group A license. A microlight aircraft is sometimes called an ultralight aircraft, an ultra light aircraft or a ultralite aircraft. All the same thing, but in Europe microlight is the official term.

State of the Art

The Pipistrel Sinus motor glider's sleek lines and fully composite construction with a 15-meter wing span, which provide for a glide ratio touching 1:30 will convince also the more demanding pilot in you. Being equipped with high-tech features such as flaperons, airbrakes and variable-pitch propeller enables the Sinus to excel at everything you put her through. She is easy to handle both in the air and on the ground and can be had in both tricycle or tail dragger undercarriage configuration.


Fast cross country flights to destinations 500 nautical miles and further away doing more than 110 kts are a reality with Sinus, even while burning around 11 liters of automotive fuel (mogas) or avgas per hour. Unbeatable efficiency! No other motor glider or ultralight comes close. When the glider pilot in you wakes up, you can simply switch off the engine, feather the propeller and glide like an eagle, playfully taking advantage of rising air columns and soaring into the sky using nature's own powers...

Controls & Instrumentation

The Sinus's comfortable cockpit has a side-by-side seating arrangement with all the controls reachable to both pilots (optional). The pedals can be adjusted to suit your body size in just seconds even in flight. The large, ergonomically shaped, instrument panel has enough room to fit all the bits and you would wish to have beside the Dynon digital flight display, which monitors all flight- and engine parameters and comes standard with the aircraft. Full dual controls and straight-forward handling make the Sinus a fantastic training aircraft as well - also for glider pilots.

Performance & Safety

Excellent power-off flight characteristics together with a Kevlar® & Lexan® encased cockpit and a dedicated parachute rescue system make the Sinus microlight motor glider one of the safest aircraft on the market. More than 400 aircraft of the Pipistrel Sinus / Virus family are now flying on all six continents of the world, being subjected to the most extreme temperatures, altitude and humidity and they have performed with an impeccable safety record.

Also, did you know that the Sinus microlight motor glider claimed the World Champion title at World Air Games 2001 in the category of two-seat microlight aircraft for Pipistrel?

Low Maintenance & Easy De-Rigging

All Pipistrel's aircraft are known for being virtually maintenance free. Highest technologies, including honeycomb techniques, which we use to build composites and best quality metal alloys, including titanium and magnesium, which are used on parts of the aircraft, ensure that the aircraft with last a lifetime in a like-new condition. And if you do not intend to fly for a while, you can disassemble the Sinus in only 15 minutes - all the controls are self-fitting, making this task as care-free as possible.

Best All Rounder

The Sinus microlight or Group A motor glider truly is an excellent package, which will satisfy your every desire - making use of short runways easy, cross-country flights super safe & efficient and of course there is gliding... everyone who has experienced gliding will agree it is the best and purest way of flight!

Expect the best from Pipistrel and Pipistrel Ireland!

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