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The Pipistrel Virus touring motor glider is a fast, yet very economic cruise aircraft or microlight. Ideal for cross-country flying, it is also suited for flying clubs and training schools. She offers very crisp handling and performance while remaining highly efficient at every task she is given. The Pipistrel Virus is a microlight if factory built and can be either a microlight or group A if kit built.


Full composite construction, 12.4-meter wing span and a glide ratio of 1:24 puts this touring motor glider alongside the best motor gliders, but she maintains supreme maneuverability throughout the envelope. Features such as 4-stage flaperons, airbrakes, variable pitch propeller with feathering capability and an overpowered engine make the Virus literally a dream aircraft for many pilots. This plane may well be a touring motor glider but it beats the pants of all other planes out there for speed, maneuverability and economy. Undercarriage can be tricycle (nose wheel) of tail dragger type. The power plant is the famous and reliable four stroke Rotax 912. All this from an aircraft that can fit into the microlight category.


With the Pipistrel Virus you enter a new world of super-fast economic cross-country flying. Speeding over the skies at over 225 km/h (120 kts) will take you to destinations over 1000 km away without refueling. What other touring motor glider touches these specifications and at this price? The advantage of using automotive (mogas) fuel or aviation (avgas) means you can go virtually everywhere - and you do not need much of it, a mere 10-12 liters per hour at cruise speed will suffice! Efficient? No… it is super efficient! Of course if while touring around Ireland you can always stop off for some ridge soaring if the conditions are right. Fuel consumption get even better then!


The Pipistrel Virus comfortable cockpit resembles the Sinus’s and has a side-by-side seating arrangement with all the controls reachable to both pilots. The pedals, seat and headrest can be adjusted to suit your body size in just seconds. The large, ergonomically shaped, instrument panel has enough room to fit all the bits and you would wish to have beside the Dynon digital flight display, which monitors all flight- and engine parameters and comes standard with the aircraft. Full dual controls and straight-forward handling make the Virus a fascinating aircraft for both primary and advanced flight training. Glider pilots can make an easy transition into the world of powered flight and still enjoy gliding with the engine shut-down when the weather permits. No other touring motorglider can offer what the Pipistrel Virus can!


The whole of the cockpit is also completely encased with bulletproof Kevlar® & Lexan® materials. This, together with an 1:24 glide ratio, and a dedicated parachute rescue system makes the Virus one of the safest aircraft on the market. More than 400 aircraft of the Sinus / Virus family are now flying on all six continents of the World, being subjected to the most extreme temperatures, altitude and humidity and they have performed with an impeccable safety record.

Maintenance & De Rigging

The Pipistrel Virus touring motor glider is made using the highest technology composites and best quality aviation alloys, including titanium and magnesium. This ensures a very long life-span of the aircraft and virtually maintenance-free operation. And if you do not intend to fly for a while, you can disassemble the Virus in only 15 minutes – all the controls are self-fitting, making this task as care-free as possible.

Dream Aircraft

Many pilots consider the Virus as their dream aircraft. As a microlight or group A she indeed does combine very fast cruise flying on unprecedented low fuel consumption, supreme maneuverability, the ability to fly from short runways and being safe in case of engine trouble - but is it a dream? No. It is the Virus from Pipistrel… get infected! There is no other touring motor glider in the world to compare.


If you are interested in a Pipistrel Aircraft please call me, Fergus on 087 805 1400 or send me a message with the "Book a Test Flight Button"  on every page.





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